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The following online uk business directory contains business listings of Companies located in the UK. We provide this business index to showcase invaluable company information submitted from thousands of individual companies in the United Kingdom...

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Companies in the UK

Today there are over approximately 4.9 million small companies in the UK. The UK boasts a wealth of expertise and experience across many trades, sciences, arts and white collar professions. The small business sector is particularly prevalent with millions of startup and home-based micro businesses generating wealth and jobs and prosperity in many regions of the UK. Its great and historical cities are the hub for companies of all sizes; including the very largest public limited companies. Its relatively low rates of business tax attract much inward investment from large overseas companies targeting the huge UK population. With so much mature and new competition in local and national markets, most businesses allocate a budget to raise local visibility or national brand awareness.

These days the vast majority of a companies business advertising budget is channelled online, through online UK business directories. A good quality business directory UK website aims to distinguish between suppliers by business categories and by geographic town or city. With the huge growth in online rating and review processes, most customers expect some positive feedback before selecting which local supplier to contact first. Business directories are well practiced at moderating and publishing reviews of its directory members'.

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