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The following business directory lists companies that provide Traffic Control and Road Maintenance offerings including intelligent systems, parking control, road treatment and dust control, traffic barriers, traffic signs and many more...
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The shortcut road to big success is always under construction by Roadsky Traffic Safety Co.,Ltd...
Image bollards - offer wide range of bollards and barriers, including security bollards, rubber bollards and bike racks around the Australia...
We are a car park management company, who use many techniques to manage your land...
Hao Nai Industrial Co Ltd are professional suppliers of vehicle safety systems and products for commercial car fleets. Key products are Driver Fatigue Early Warning Systems,Anti collision system AWS650, and GPS tracking system MRVL...
The business provides the most advanced GPS Tracking products at competitive prices - Including Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking and features such as fuel consumption monitors and vehicle service reminders...
Rachelfield are the UK's leading providers in traffic signal installation and sub-surface vehicle detection installation.

Overview of the Traffic Control and Road Maintenance Sectors

Companies that specialise in Traffic Control and Road Maintenance provide procedures and preventative steps to restrict drivers of vehicles from violating traffic laws and helping to regulate the flow of cars across integrated road networks. The majority of traffic control merchandise aim to stop drivers travelling at high speeds through high-risk areas. Much signage aims to notify drivers of imminent repairs to road surfaces, safety barriers and verges.

With a shocking 34.5 million cars on the road in the UK (Figures Dec 2012) is it any wonder that our highways are in a perpetual state of repairs and upkeep? Motorways lanes are invariably being reduced so that essential repair work can be carried out and bridges are being strengthened or resurfaced on a regular basis. The volume of road users has reached a full-time high and shows no signs of slowing down.

Modern technology has enabled us to produce Intelligent Systems that allow a close oversee and interaction between all road users, systems and pedestrians that have to cross our busy highways. This can be anything from Traffic Signals, speed cameras, live updates and Traffic Reports as well as CCTV cameras, number plate recognition and car navigation systems. All help to reduce potential hazards and enable a smooth flow of traffic on our overcrowded roads.

Parking Controls seems to be public enemy number one for many drivers. However, controls ensure parked vehicles are only allowed to park in areas that are safe, and do not present a hazard to other road users. In addition parking control, signs keep our pavements relatively clear of parked cars, therefore, not restricting access and presenting a hazard for pedestrians wishing to cross. Lastly, enforcement penalties linked to public parking control signs, brings enormous revenue to local councils.

Calcium Chloride is an effective controller of dust on the roads, its helps to hold down the dust thus producing smooth roads that don’t wear out so quickly. Companies that distribute this on the roads can be found under the business category of ‘Road Treatment and Dust Control’. They also treat the roads when they are icy or hazardous.

Snow is a potential hazard to road users and causes mayhem when it lays on the road surfaces. As well as vehicles that salt and grit the roads, there are companies who manufacture and produce snow removal equipment such as snow ploughs and blowers, brooms, shovels. By using an online business directory and looking under ‘Snow Removal Commercial and Industrial’, suppliers can be sought for quotations and urgent service provision.

Without Street Cleaning Equipment, our roads would be littered with rubbish, leaves, mud and all kinds of waste that as well as looking unsightly, could be classed as a potential threat to road users. Businesses that manufacture and distribute cleaning equipment such as road sweepers, tidy bins, barrows, fluids, brooms etc can be found via a trade or business directory (such as, which will give listings of reputable local and nationwide companies, as well as those on an international basis.

Traffic Barriers, bollards, cones, barricades and flashing signs, message boards, parking and security posts can be ordered from specific companies such Traffic Control Equipment and Supplies who deal exclusively in road hazard warning indicators and other products that assist traffic management. Bollards and traffic barriers help to divert the traffic away from obstructions and hazards such as a lane closure due to a broken-down vehicle or a road traffic accident. More stable types of traffic barriers are known as crash barriers and they prevent vehicles entering the lanes of traffic driving in the opposite direction.

As well as safety equipment, they also manufacture and supply protective and high-visibility clothing to be worn by anyone working on or near public highways. Similarly, traffic calming devices such as sleeping policeman are still considered more of a hindrance than a help by many motorists. They can be too high, resulting in back injuries to the driver and passengers and also damage to the car chassis. They can also pose a serious hazard to cyclists, motorbikes and small cars whist causing problems for emergency vehicles and any long vehicle.

Since the introduction of speed cameras, an international study (2010) has shown that the number of crashes in speed camera areas fell by between 8 percent and 40 percent, whilst fatalities and crashes resulting in serious injury were reduced by between 11 percent and 44 percent.

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