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The following online business directory lists businesses that provide a range of Television products and services including channels, agents, personalities and celebrities, satellite news, and many more...
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Overview of the Television Sector

Television transmits and receives live and pre-recorded images. It has the optional effect of broadcasting with or without sound. The actual word itself stems from Greek origin and means ‘far sight.’ It is estimated that approximately 80% of households around the globe own at least one television set.

Since the television was unleashed upon the world, it has opened up the universe and made it accessible for everyone. Places and countries that could previously only be dreamed about can now be viewed as though you are there. Today’s advanced technologies, particularly in high-tech cameras, audio devices and 3D TV, allows the viewer to feel as though what they are viewing has come to life in their living-room. The early TV was big and box-like and would seem like it protruded into the centre of the room because of the distance it had to stand away from the wall. As it has developed throughout history, it has become thinner, smaller and less expensive.

In today’s consumer-fuelled world, we are spoilt for choice and when looking at a flat-screen TV, buyers can choose from a whole host of LCD, LED, Plasma and OLED. Plasma panel TV’s are a dying trend as they use up a lot of energy and therefore are an eco-unfriendly choice. The most popular choice in today’s market is the LCD panel television – being of a lighter weight, they are low energizers of heat and don’t produce a static-burn on the screen if left on or paused for too long.

The power of television and its effect on the mind is phenomenal – it is capable of changing your emotive state many times over in one viewing period. It can inspire, inject warmth, evoke sadness and make you feel euphoric or equally depressed. There can be no doubt that the humble TV is addictive and is capable of altering your state of mind.

Many people use their television as an aid to help them relax and watch easy viewing programs that allow their busy brains to ‘switch off’ from over thinking, whilst others use it as a babysitter and marvel at its ability to captivate and hold a child’s attention span for far longer than they thought possible. At the end of a busy day, sitting and watching the TV, is something that a lot of families look forward to.

With live streaming and an abundance of Digital and cable TV, it is now no longer necessary to purchase costly tickets for a sporting event. By signing up with a company such as Sky, Virgin or BT, it is possible to watch any event or program you choose within the package you select. It is a worry that in the age of digital media, children are watching an excessive amount of television and because of this; they are not getting enough exercise or fresh air. They can also be exposed to many violent and unsuitable programs and inappropriate language.

There is a supposed nine o’clock watershed – which means that any unsuitable programs have to be shown after this time, in the hope that children under a particular age will be in bed and therefore not exposed. But in these modern times of no routines, late bedtimes, coupled with the fact that many programs are recorded and can be viewed anytime – this is not as preventative a method as it once was.

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