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The following directory lists businesses that provide a range of Shipping and Marine products and services including boat builders, marine maintenance, merchant shipping and many more...
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We specialize in shipment of all types of vehicles to all African destinations. Our priority is to always meet and exceed our client's needs and expectations....
Saltire Marine provides a range of marine services UK wide, including providing skippers, crew and boat delivery....
The Business offers freight and local removal services for customers in the London and worldwide.....
Seaflex specialises in manufacturing air lift bags and enclosed buoyancy units for the recovery of large underwater objects. We also produce water load test weights, which can help with static and operating load tests or simply act as counterweights...
Staff look forward to welcoming to Liverpool marina soon! Visit our site to enjoy boating...
The business is an independent established ship brokering company...

Overview of the Shipping and Marine Industries

Shipping and Marine Businesses the operate in the shipping and marine industries includes companies that provide products or services related to Water Transport, Marinas, Docks, Ports, Shipyards and Ship Repairers.

Travelling by boat or ship is an enjoyable form of transport and is ideal for travellers wishing to take their own car on a day trip to the Isle of Wight or a driving holiday- those that want to drive across Europe, can board a car ferry and enjoy the independence it allows them.

Shipping is a multi-billion pound industry, and recent figures (Nov 2013) are showing that the Danish Shipping Industry are enjoying profits in excess of 190 million kroner and in the Global market are currently edging into 3rd place behind Japan and China.

Cruises are an enjoyable type of holiday for many and customers can choose between a short 4 day cruise or decide to see the world and enjoy the experience of a ‘round the world’ cruise. Cruise Ships are also known as Liners. At present, the longest cruise ship in the world is the Allure of The Sea. It measures 1,187 feet in length and is owned by Royal Caribbean International cruise line.

There are many types of vessels that are used to transport people and goods in water such as Ferries, Catamarans, Barges, Yachts, Ribs, Reefer Ships, Roll on-Roll off Ships, Dredgers, Hovercrafts, Cargo Ships, Tankers, Warship and Dinghies. Many can be can found within an online business information listing under the heading Water Transport.

Anyone wishing to purchase or sell a particular type of boat or to upgrade their existing one would also benefit from using a business directory to find out when and where the next Boat Convention and Trade Show is taking place. Furthermore, experienced sailors and boat enthusiasts may enjoy looking around local Chandlery shops and can find these listed under Boat Sales and Equipment.

Ports are locations where harbours are situated, and ships are allowed to dock here in order to be loaded up with various cargo or to enable passengers to board for their forth-coming journey. Harbours are usually sheltered well from prevailing winds and have an inlet where boats and similar vessels can be moored safely away from stormy weather. Boats that are moored closest to the harbour do not require dinghies or small boats to reach them and can be accessed on foot via a Jetty. Many people, children in particular, enjoy fishing and ‘crabbing’ off the jetty. Docks are man-made structures that contain a whole host of business and companies who are all directly involved with shipping, such as container lines, freight and cargo handling, importing and exporting, passenger ferry terminals and ship builders and repairers.

Long ago, Lighthouses were familiar sights on the landmark and prevented many a sailor from crashing his boat onto razor-sharp rocks lying just below the water surface but now with modern-age technology, there are other ways of warning ships of dangers. Most ships now have cutting-edge equipment such as built in radars and sonar devices. Also, sailors can access shipping channels and hear the latest shipping forecasts and weather reports.

Any vessel on the sea has to be monitored. There have to be systems put in place to ensure safety at sea whilst also controlling which ships are coming into certain waters and ports. Goods Smuggling and Piracy as well as Illegal immigrants trying to enter countries without permission, so it is imperative that vessels are tracked.

All relevant information about this can be accessed on an online business information index under the heading Ship Monitoring and Reporting Systems. It is essential that a ship is documented and shows which country it is from; this gives the ship nationality of the corresponding country thus allowing it to travel internationally. This is done by using a company or business connected with Ship Registries and Owners.

People wishing to have goods, belongings or livestock transported via a container can find local companies who deal specifically with this by looking under Marine Freight Services. Freight services also deal with boat and equipment transportation as well as dealing with documentation concerning shipments.

Maritime Administrations deal with all types of waterborne transportation, as well as Aid Cargo and working with all aspects of Naval and Military Auxiliary. They ensure that there are strategies put in place such as reserve fleets of cargo ships should there be a national emergency or war. Primary known as a facilitator within the shipping industry as they are responsible for safety at sea as well as the effect shipping has on the environment and control this by limiting dumping at sea or the amount of fish that are being caught and the fishing methods used.

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