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The following business directory lists businesses that provide a range of Science and Nature products and services including instruments and supplies, research and development, technology and many more...
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Overview of the Science and Nature Business Sectors

This business category provides listings relating to businesses and organisations involved in the study of the scientific world around us and why and how things grow, work and change.

Science is taken from the latin word scientia which means knowledge; it enables us to understand why and how things happen. For example if we do this to A, mix with B, then it will produce C. Similarly, nature is to do with the natural world and comes from the latin word natura meaning birth.

Scientists, Inventors and Engineers who work in businesses listed within this part of the business directory are usually specialised in a certain field. For example, they may work in a Research and Development laboratory, working on producing a cure for cancer or developing a new drug with minimal side effects. Scientists may use scientific instruments to help them with their research such as a Seismograph (which is a device used for measuring Earthquakes.)

Geological Services relate to companies within the Research and Development industry. Specialists carry out tests to assess rock strength and drill into different levels of rocks to detect weaknesses in the earth’s fault lines by providing seismic surveys and rock analysis.

People expressing an interest in the stars and the cosmic world may wish to pursue their interest by finding out more about Astronomy. They may wish to visit an observatory or invest in purchasing their own telescope to stargaze from their own back garden. An online business directory would list all relevant information and provide related links appertaining to certain studies such as Cryogenics. A person who studies in this field is called a Cryogenicist and they explore how materials react and behave when stored or kept below a certain temperature.

Companies involved in Geographic Information Services deal with systems that are designed specifically to analyse and retain information relating to geographical data. Once the data has been recorded, it can be used to provide vital information concerning age of rock formation, its durability, usability etc.

Scientists and Engineers, who work in Oceanography, study the tides and the cause and effect they have upon our beaches and surrounding areas. By using special instruments, they are able to check the quality of water to see the levels of chemicals it contains, to establish the pressure and depth of oceans on both a national and global scale. Anyone wishing to find information and companies who work within this field can easily locate these by looking at an online business directory under Oceanographic Equipment and Services category.

Document Examiners are specifically trained in all aspects of scientific examinations relating to evidential assessment and conclusions. They may need to study handwriting and work alongside Forensic Scientists, or when Archaeologists need to determine the age of documents or authenticity of a paper.

Statistics is a collection of data which can be used to show changes and compare findings. These are a particularly useful and essential method of allowing scientists to pinpoint exact changes over a period of time such as when used in Weather and Meteorology Services as the statistics can show changes of temperature in certain areas and these can be monitored and explored to establish why the changes have taken place. They can also show levels of rainfall, earth movement, tide levels, earthquakes, frequency of volcanic activity and tornadoes. Specific companies that deal with statistics relating to science and nature can be found in an online trade directory under Statistical Services.

Global Positioning Systems are satellite navigational systems that are based in space. They are able to give the location and time of day regardless of weather and climate conditions. The information that’s received from them is essential for all military personnel as well as those within civil and commercial fields.

To ensure that risk assessment is at a minimum and the quality of a product is a prioritised, there are services that carry out inspections within the global market. As well as checking products quality, suitability and any potential defects, they can also ascertain what potential health and safety risks there could be to both the general public and the environment. They can be accessed via an online business directory under the heading Inspection Services.

There are companies who specialise in assessing levels of radiation used in certain screening and health services. In addition, they work to ensure that radiation protection is prioritised and that exposure is kept to a minimum when using Radiotherapy.

Looking under the business directory category heading; 'Radiation Physics Services' will also direct you to suppliers of specialised radiation machinery. According to an official document published in 2011, the various NHS trusts in England have spent approximately £50 million each year on machines such as LINAC machines and MRI and CT scanners.

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