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The following news business directory lists companies that provide internet news broadcasts,media services,news and current events,news columns and columnists,news from colleges and universities,news photographers, personalities and celebrities and more...
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Chicago Flight Center is an Aviation News outlet publishing out of Chicago. We curently have around 1,500 newsletter subscribers - steadily increasing every month...
A plataforma global para notícias diárias sobre comida, meio ambiente. Informações de mais de 1000 comidas regionias.v
Compare Factory is a online website where you can read interesting news and stuffs about many topics...
Online Newspaper for Coventry and District providing the latest news and sport...
The UK's first 'good news only' regional newspaper, serving the city of Bradford, England...
Professionals in our field, we apply our expertise to create successful and effective PR and Marketing strategies...

Overview of Trends in the News Sectors

In the world around us, things are constantly changing and happening, whether it is in the world of politics, military, celebrity-based topics or current affairs and local interest; news provides us with information about recent events and public-orientated stories.

There is a fine line between Analysis and Opinion. Separating fact from opinion can be tricky and even more so when we are encouraged to express how we feel; which can very much lead many into hot water if they print an article which offends. Many journalists tend to steer clear of writing about subjects such as Politics News as well as, religion and discrimination. This is because these are definitely topics which are bound to offend someone, somewhere.

The problem with the internet and online news, is that ‘once it is out there, it is very much out there for entirety’ and can appear on several links and related subjects, even if the original article is later deleted.

The general public tend to focus on News and Current Events and like to hear about Breaking News stories as they happen. The internet is a good place to source breaking news stories. This is because Internet News Broadcasts are regularly updated by various sites, so one is able to glean information practically as it happens.

All forms of Media have learned very quickly that the best way to ensure their viewing/ listening/ sourcing figures remain high is to provide extensive coverage of significant news events. In addition by offering Extended News Coverage companies can help to prolong interaction between the provider and receiver. As news is always going to be a trending topic, there are countless television and radio stations devoted to 24hr news updates and related articles.

Local and Personalised News is a source of interest for many avid viewers who wait impatiently for the main news to finish so that they can then find out about local news within their area; albeit good or bad. There are local stations, which cover 'general interest' stories, as well as the main headline news. This can range from anything such as a local robbery to a farmer who has a singing sheep!

Many News Columns and Columnists produce fantastic hard-hitting articles whilst others are well-known for their satirical opinions and comments. Maybe it is unfair stereo-typing, but certain newspaper journalists struggle to gain respect and appreciation for their articles if they write for tabloids, whilst others who write for more high-brow and ‘serious’ papers tend to be more revered and admired for their writing and reporting skills.

News Satire is a parody that mimics real news, and there are many satirical news programs such as ‘Have I got News for you’ and Drop the Dead Donkey, these along with periodicals (Private Eye) and online sites (The Daily Mash,) provide a host of topical and current trending spoof news.

Most newspapers, past and present, are able to be accessed online by way of newspaper archives, some of which are free, whilst others require the user to pay a fee to access them. Many libraries subscribe to this service to enable library users to access the archives by simply keying in their library card number into the online site. For information about this service or for more details on how to source past news events, it is an excellent idea to use an online business directory such as and look under the heading Online News Archives.

It is a fact that news is everywhere, even News from Colleges and Universities is another way in which media services are able to be covered and distributed. Schools, Colleges and university members’ run their own newspaper which either covers news specifically in and around the school, reporting on events, dances; sporting achievements and awards or sometimes they choose to make it specific to the local area.

News Photographers are proof that a picture speaks a thousand words for it has been some of the most harrowing and graphic pictures taken that have caused the biggest impact in the world of News and Media. With modern technology, it is no longer still images that are sent to the editor and press room; nowadays it can be anything from video footage to a live web-cam, broadcasting news as it happens.

A study carried out in 2010, showed that more than 60 percent of Americans choose to obtain news from the internet rather than other available sources whilst 92 percent of people who took part in the survey, said that they used more than one platform to source their news.

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