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The following online business directory lists companies that provide a range of Management Research services including data collection, digital media, independent research, mystery shopping and many more...
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We are a leading UK shopper research agency. We provide powerful shopper research, actionable insights, genuine thought leadership. FREE retail effectiveness consultation....
Crowdoscope is a tool for obtaining the collective intelligence of small or large group of people. It is a self organising visual environment that can support an unlimited amount of participants...
The Business provides specialised research solutions aimed at clients everywhere. Our services help customers in evaluation, behavioural and customer research, new product development, policy and company research...
We provide personalised financial research, procurement intelligence, and business and financial intelligence to leading corporations and public sector organisations. We operate in Delhi and London...
Cultivation Marketing provides your company with a huge range of telemarketing services including lead generation, event invitationals, market research & telemarketing...
UK College of Entrepreneurship and Technology is a modern day research and development center. the sole aim of UKCET is to build economically viable skills (EVS) of its participants. no matter however, whenever, whatever, wherever it is required...
ROC is a leading global Human Capital Management specialist consultancy, with operations all over the world....
Mednova, abio-pharmaceutical market research provider that can enable your company to develop and launch successful products in global market.Look no further, Mednova can offer you the very solution...
The Business offers an online survey design, build and management services. Our products help customers collect and analyse responses to all types of surveys...
Ken Research is a leading global Market research and information service company that provides bespoke industry intelligence, equity research reports and business consulting services.

Overview of The Management Research Sectors

The many professional providers providing a broad range of management research services. These companies afford invaluable business information for business owners to make knowledgeable and timely decisions. These companies help to interpret and process raw facts and figures and turn them into significant business information. This is achieved by gathering, organizing, sorting, and selecting data to help managers make use of timely and accurate business information.

The type of management research service obtained depends upon the requirements of the business. Frequently primary market research methods are used to collect information directly from individuals or businesses in a predefined target market. It is a short-term need designed to confirm management assumptions regarding buying habits and market demand for particular products or services. Other times the research needed is less urgent and may just involve secondary research methodologies.

For example, analysing an overseas market for export possibilities may involve ad-hoc discussion with overseas trade authorities, trade consultants, tax officials. This is typically achieved by using online statistics, and online research to learn about bona fide trading regulations and best practices. By bringing all the management research together a general picture of the business opportunity can be analysed. This helps to estimate the probable market size, industry margins, export duties, logistics and transportation costs, identify competitors, flag-up economic barriers to entry, as well practical implications of exporting overseas.

Sometimes political market research companies can be consulted to inquire into the opinions and views of a segment of the population. This may also prove useful in understanding any cultural peculiarities and difficulties in launching a new product into a foreign market. Likewise, the services of an industry analyst are frequently consulted, and their public remarks followed religiously by business investors and consumers. Many industry analysts post feedback related to company announcements and briefings on financial blogs and across online journals and newswires. These provide valuable research feedback for entrepreneurs (during their business start-up phase) who may not be convinced about the economic prospects, issues and trends affecting a target market segment.

The basis of a successful business strategy (from which business goals are formed) is sound management research. This knowledge translates into practical day-to-day activity and greatly influences how businesses succeed. This may include the creation of a business plan, growth and expansion plans, devising marketing strategies and product positioning. So business owners who don't bother implementing consistent research processes and methods (instead relying on 'gut feel') risk starting along the wrong business path or digging themselves into a 'bigger hole'. Some less experienced entrepreneurs may be wise to seek professional advice from an industry focused management research consultant. This advice may help determine which research methodology would be most effective in gathering data about a particular market opportunity.

Businesses collect information all of the time every time a customer contacts them, over the phone, out in the field, at topical business events or via popular communication such as social networks, email, newsletters and online forums. All this feedback needs to be collected and analysed in a consistent manner. There are many cloud-based customer management systems which can help improve collection of information at every contact point. These can help small firms who want to spend their time getting on with everyday selling and not get embroiled in developing in-house computer software to track every customer touch point.

Whether the business is doing the research themselves, or else employing a third party to do on their behalf, may depend upon their own capabilities and resources. Studying consumer behaviour in markets that are geographically diverse can be a complicated and timely exercise. Yet for retailers and companies selling to consumer markets, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of consumers behaviour. This includes understanding consumers buying habits, basic needs and wants and primary buying criteria. Marketers need this information to play upon the subjective influences that impact consumer behaviour. Finding out this information en masse usually involves some type of consumer survey.

There are many market research organisations that can undertake consumer behaviour surveys or questionnaire to provide invaluable management research regarding the views and needs of potential consumers. This can be particularly useful in devising effective advertising campaigns that target emotional buying needs that consumers may associate with the characteristics of a product or service. Similarly, companies that provide mystery shopping services provide first-hand feedback on the performance of employees and customer facing staff. This feedback is vital in helping managers motivate their team.

A simple method of capturing vital management research is a web-based questionnaire hosted on the company's own website. The advantages of using a web-based survey it that it is relatively cheap to set up. Questionnaires are also adjustable enough to collect answers on critical issues, and data can be gathered from a wide geographic reach (without pressurising potential customers for answers in the street or on the phone). Web based questionnaires can be implemented using a range of chargeable cloud-based services, open source scripts or web-based software packages (for the more technically aware business owner). Similarly, most competent web developers can implement a bespoke questionnaire or survey to gather data directly from the firm's company website.

Web-based questionnaires also have the added advantage of anonymity, as well as giving online submitters the option to comment and submit their views and contact details. Politely asking for testimonials and positive reviews (at the end of the survey) is fast becoming one of the most influential factors in online exposure for small businesses seeking local business leads from a business directory.

In some business circumstances, third party financial forensic services are required to help resolve disputes, identify professional negligence, investigate occurrences of fraud by employees, value a business for sale, and avoiding formal legal entanglements through mediation. These highly regulated and professional accountancy-based services are necessary, due to the high level of financial compliance and accounting experience required (that most business owners lack). The management feedback produced by providers is sometimes admissible in court. Alternatively, the reports produced may be used as formal proof to resolve business conflicts or avoid business failures.

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