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The following online directory lists businesses that provide a range of Magazines products and services including directories, publishers, reading groups, back number magazines, journals, news stands, rare magazines and many more...
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Free community magazines in Northampton, supporting over 180 businesses, of which 87% re book! Also Northants 50 Plus Networks news magazine, posted out to members
The Happy Bride Guide is the UKs largest Wedding Publication, featuring suppliers from across the Country. we provide brides and grooms with a complete one stop shop when it comes to wedding planning. Check out our website for more information....
The magazine for the mind,body and soul. Subscribe online, advertise your local health and wellbeing business...
The business produces a dental magazine offering dental technology news, dental office design ideas, dental practice management advice, and more...
The Business offers Bespoke Support Advertising Agents to the Emergency Services aimed at customers in the areas of Our products help customers
The business is a high-quality national magazine reaching a fantastic range of readers. Our attention to service and detail has made us one of the most sought after exhibition magazines across the UK...
The Business (Trafford Business Connect) is a brand new b2b magazine specific to Trafford. It is packed full of news and articles from all areas of the business community. It's also completely FREE!...
The world's leading digital magazine store and news stand which enables readers to access Digital Magazines using their smart devices...

Overview of the Magazine Industry

A magazine is a form of publication that is produced on a regular basis and can be bought in ‘printed paper’ form from newsagents or other such outlets. Equally, an e-magazine can be accessed online and/or downloaded to read.

The traditional method of magazine circulation has definitely been affected by digital media – it has had a huge effect upon advertising and magazine circulation. Although most people prefer flicking through a glossy magazine or periodical, there are many consumers who choose to read online magazines and publications; preferring the fact that they can be instantly accessed at the touch of a button. Because of this, many print publication companies have been forced to compete and had to revise their pricing strategies in order to remain in business.

The entire media industry, whether it be printing, advertising, marketing or editorial has been affected, and companies or individuals who work as illustrators, writers or copywriters for print magazines have found themselves having to lower their prices.

Magazines either contain general information or specialist information about a favourite hobby or particular interest. They may be celebrity-focused, in which case they will have collated the most recent headlining celebrity news. These include photographs of A-list celebrities at the red carpet events or perhaps ‘papped’ stumbling out of a taxi and looking slightly worse for wear.

Special interest magazines are topic-specific and will be filled with all types of information regarding the subject. Many people choose to subscribe to their favourite periodical and can request that it is reserved for them at their local newsagents or if they prefer, have it posted to an address of their choice.

Magazine companies usually promote special incentive offers in a bid to entice people to subscribe to their Paid Circulation magazine. This can range from receiving a regular copy of their publication at a hugely discounted price if paying for a year’s subscription in advance, to anything from a luxury gift or money off a particular product.

Many magazines rely on selling advertising space to help finance their publication, and whilst it may annoy many consumers who buy a costly ‘glossy’ magazine only to find that the first 20 or so pages are just advertisements. The majority accept that this is essential to both the livelihood and success of the magazine.

There are also publications that fall under the category of Non-Paid Circulation, meaning there is no cover price, and they are free to be taken. These types of magazines are usually found in street dispensers, on trains, reception areas and on airlines as a type of in-flight magazine.

Women’s general interest magazines completely dominate the market as there is a huge demand for celebrity-based and gossip magazines. Market research has consistently shown that there is a huge call for publications that are filled with tips and information about losing weight, keeping fit as well as articles about healthy eating, interesting recipes, problem pages and consumer facts.

Specific interest magazines such as Golfing Weekly which cater for both men and women still tend to gear sports-orientated magazines towards men as this is their primary target audience.

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