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The following online business directory lists businesses that provide a range of Journalism based products and services including journalism awards, journalism broadcast, journalists, magazine and journal publishers, newsletters, newspaper publishing, and many more...
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The UK's official source of Trance Music & Trance Events news, spanning all sub-genres to create a central place for avid clubbers to acquire their Trance Fix....
We are a company which offers professional writing services. If you want anything written, edited or grammar and spell-checked then we are the company for you...
Underground Press is a local online music publication that focuses on broadening the scope for S.A local artists...

The Journalism Sector

Journalism based organisations help to keep the public interest informed by recording and publishing material that can communicate and convey a story with its target audience by means of newspaper, magazine and live broadcasts or via the internet and radio.

Many will remember the times when journalists would carry a notebook and freshly-sharpened pencil, desperate to grab that all-important story worthy of ‘holding the front page’ for, before going home to write it up on their ancient manual typewriter. Nowadays, with the endless realms of technology and the genius of high-speed internet allows journalists to report breaking news as and when it happens.

To become a Journalist, you really need to have achieved a recognised Diploma in Journalism at entry level or a National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ.) Depending on which field of journalism they decided to go into, they will at least at the chance to work alongside reporters, photographers and editors.

A journalist’s right to freedom of expression is crucial but in these times of ensuring political correctness is apparent and consistent, they may easily find themselves having to double-check that what they have written does not offend anyone or indeed accuse someone of doing something they haven’t done or stating they were seen in a place when they actually weren’t!

They must ensure they are not disregarding a person’s right to privacy and it’s bearing upon their private life. This is when slander and libel come into play and many a journalist may have at one time or another, found themselves dealing with a potential lawsuit, particularly when it comes to stories concerning celebrities or government ministers.

There is an abundant amount of awards that journalists can be awarded in recognition of their skills either as a writer, their interview techniques or their ability to seek out, promote and raise public awareness of some crisis which deserves to be brought to public attention. Since it was founded in 1978, the Royal Television Society has broadcast annually in central London, the Television Journalism Awards. There are also awards for Sports Journalism, Business Travel Journalism, Fashion Journalism and breaking news journalism.

One definite drawback for journalists wishing to be recognised for their brilliance in writing is that if they work within digital media, their work does not appear to be as revered as it could be, were it appearing in a daily newspaper on a weekly basis.

Many journalists are adamant that they wish to stay in the more traditional field of journalism, working for an editorial or local newspaper whilst others prefer to work within the Broadcast Journalism industry. This involves radio, television or a cable network. They could be broadcasting live or speaking from the autocue, work within a busy news team or simply doing VO’s.

The field of journalism is still a male-orientated environment. Just fifty years ago, a woman journalist was almost unheard of and today, although the numbers have risen they are still disappointingly low. Figures taken from earlier this year (2013) show that women form only 38% of staff in a typical newsroom; this is even more disconcerting when the figures also reveal that the percentage has remained the same for over a decade. This can pose a problem for today’s women and may deter some from going into the field of journalism as they believe male journalists will always be given the best stories to cover.

IPC Media is probably one of the most well-known digital and magazine publishers. With the help of their many brands, they are able to communicate and engage with over 26 million adults in the UK alone whilst on a global scale, their websites are accessed by over 25 million users on a monthly basis.

A newsletter is usually produced on a regular basis which can vary from a weekly distribution up to a quarterly or annual subscription and all of these can be printed or produced in e-format. A lot of budding young journalists carry out their internship working for a newsletter publication and regard it as useful experience in an over-crowded profession.

Many newsletters are distributed free and rely on the goodwill of keen journalists who are desperate for the exposure and therefore offer their services for free in return for a mention in the magazine. This all adds to their portfolio and can go a long way in securing their first paid assignment.

A young college student may be looking to find out which editorial or publishing company they would like to do their internship with in their capacity as a junior reporter. They could access a varied amount of relevant information from a business information guide for their local or national area. Any editor wishing to out-source to an independent journalist or keen to engage the services of a specialist journalist may wish to find one local and would therefore use a business information guide which is easily accessible online and can be used to find all different types of journalists.

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