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The following business directory lists companies that provide a range of Inventory Services including computer movers, crating services, display and exhibit movers, office moving and business relocation, packing and crating, records storage, safe and vault movers and many more...
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The Business offers simple and secure shredding of all your confidential documents. Our products help yousave time by letting us shred piles of paper in seconds, instead of sitting at your home shredder for hours!
Fulfillment Logistics UK offers fulfillment services aimed at customers in the areas of long distance selling and ecommerce. Our products help customers to streamline their businesses and focus on what matters...
Ergonomic Essentials was established back in 1985 and we have been providing the best ergonomic equipment and expert advice in Australia.
WSSL thoroughly evaluates your business's storage situation and recommends you the most appropriate system that you can have installed at a very affordable price.
The business offer affordable removal services to businesses and households throughout Essex, London and Kent. Our priority is delivering an exceptional removal service...
North East Warehousing of Newcastle offers a cost effective storage and archiving solution to meet all your needs in the North East...

Overview of the Internet Services Industry

There are a wide range of inventory services firms helping consumers and businesses log, record, catalogue and protect assets, goods, stock and valuables...

Most people think of the term inventory services as part of something a letting agent offers landlords. An inventory check service is usually carried out with tenants as they move in or out of the landlords’ rental property. The impartial process records all furniture, fixtures and fittings during the tenure to note any breakages or damage that the tenant may be responsible for paying for from their deposit. Property agents tend to use locally trusted inventory clerks. Review of many inventory clerks can be found using an online business directory.

There are also many other types of inventory services used in many other sectors of the economy. For example, organisations expanding and moving premises often procure a Business Relocation Service. This involves specialist consultants recording business assets using an inventory management system. Items such as desks, chairs, computers and electrical equipment will have to be labelled, recorded, packed, moved and shipped into the new office. The moving company have to a project plan and follow pre-agreed procedures to allow the business to carry on trading with the minimum downtime and disruption.

Similarly, packing and crating storage firms may be engaged by householders during a house move or long-term job move overseas. A Detailed inventory of the clients items is imperative as goods travel great distances, through bonded warehouses, busy depots and airports. International packing and crate firms may also provide a full storage and removal service that involves packing, manpower, logistics and liaising with customs and excise in a new country.

There also also highly specialised inventory services that involve the movement of heavy machinery such as safe and vault moving services. In this instance, precise records of size, weight and condition of the equipment to be moved are taken. Great care is taken that the correct moving equipment is used and properly trained staff undertake a difficult and challenging move.

There are many Displays and Exhibits Movers are contracted by individuals or event management companies. This may involve the rental and temporary use of display boards and audio visual equipment, lights, tables and chairs. All these items are moved on-site and recorded and catalogued. The frequency of moves is high due to the transient nature of the events management business.

There are also specialised providers of Records Storage and Management to assist companies secure, protect and log details of sensitive and confidential files, papers and storage media. This involves precise inventory of documents by trusted and vetted staff, and movement and storage in high security fire-proof vaults. This inventory service gives business customers the reassurance that business data is protected and can be retrieved through indexed records.

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