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The following business directory lists Equities Funds and Bonds providers such hedge funds, money managers, spread betting, stock exchanges and registrars, stock splits, technology stocks and more…
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Cheyne Capital is one of the top European alternative investment managers by AUM and was established in 2000...

Overview of the Equities, Funds, Bonds Sectors

Companies that operate in the Equities, Funds and Bonds sectors facilitate investment funds, which are managed by way of an index. There are many types of specialist providers...

Biotechnology Funds are exchange-traded funds (ETF) that are related to the industry of research into organisms and biology. Any company that relates to or works towards the development of creating services and products relating to health care, agriculture and the environment; may belong to an ETF. This could be a company such as GlaxoSmithKline, who deal with the manufacture and development of drugs designed to combat and treat several conditions and illnesses. To invest in companies within the Biotechnology industry is considerably more unpredictable than the broader market of shares within the stock market as they tend to be more turbulent thus resulting in highly-fluctuating share prices.

Bonds are when someone such as an individual or company loans money to a corporate or government unit, under the understanding that it is within a certain time frame and the interest on money borrowed is repaid at a certain fixed interest rate. Many companies and heads of countries use bonds in order to finance projects or to fund state and government related activities. In effect, it is a debt or an IOU that the holders of the loan are under contract, to repay the issuer within the terms stated by the bond.

Equities are the profit relating to an asset or shares owned by a company or individual. This could be the difference in the price of a house that has been purchased at a specific price and increased in value thus giving the homeowner equity of the difference between the price paid and profit made after the mortgage has been paid off. It is the same for someone purchasing a company, stock are also considered to be equity as they indicate ownership of a company or business.

Money that has been invested by several people as part of a management firm or partnership is a ‘pooled investment’ known as a Hedge Fund. These allow their investors to withdraw and top up their investments and the manager of the fund may invest his own money which will serve a purpose of aligning their own stake in the investment fund as well as others who have also invested into it. The Hedge Fund manager is allowed to draw an annual management fee from the fund as well as a performance fee if the ‘net asset value’ rises throughout the year.

Money Managers are wholly responsible for overseeing the procedure of an investor and deem how much of a potential risk they may be. He will draw a fee for managing the investment as well as a team of staff who have to research and monitor potential investment opportunities and decide the optimum time to sell assets and shares.

When someone wagers on the outcome of an event which is based on factual knowledge of the bet rather than a ‘Heads or Tails’ scenario, this is known as Spread Betting. In recent years, there have been major concerns relating to the process of spread betting as gamblers are almost totalling one million and the market have seen huge growth in this field. The risk of losing huge amounts is quite often a reality when it comes to assessing what one can lose in comparison with their original investment.

The Stock Exchange is the whole activity of buying and selling stocks, bonds and shares and overseeing dividends. Everything that is available for trade must be listed and usually there are central locations designed for record-keeping, but as modern technology has evolved, the process of exchanging stocks has become more of a ‘cyber market’ and less of a physical place.

Registrars keep records of who owns shares and what company they relate to. By archiving their records, are able to trace back and help to establish ownership when investors have lost paperwork or essential documents. They are also responsible for ensuring that share dividends are paid out on time and to the correct person. Capita, Equiniti and Computershare are the three main registrars within the UK. Split Shares occur when a company increases the amount of shares in their company and adjusts the price accordingly. This means that after market capitalization, the value remains the same and no dilution occurs but there is a different ratio of shares within the company.

Technology Stocks are stocks relating to businesses that produce and create software and work within the IT industry. The stocks could be from the research and the development side of the industry or relate to the distribution of their goods and services.

Anyone needing to source information about Equities, Funds and Bonds can do so online by finding a business directory (such as which may show listings of reputable companies as well as reviews and contact details.

We do not provide financial advice. This webpage is a general guide. You should always seek professional advice before making any find of financial decision.

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