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The following business directory lists companies email software and email services, such as bulk email, email encryption, email marketing software, video email and more...
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Topmail provides a 100% secure and private email service. Encrypt your emails to protect your privacy and enjoy an email account FREE from spam and targeted adverts....
Ehygienics is a professional email list hygiene company located in beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon. Since 2003, eHygienics have been removing bounces, threats, protestors, litigators and all other perceivable threats from subscriber databases....
Icloud Technical Support can provide 24 hour help, via telephone or via email. Contact us toll free on the icloud technical support helpline 1-855-531-3731...

Overview of the Email Business Sector

Businesses that provide email software and email services help companies and consumers interact person to person or to multiple recipients.

Many people today are tremendous advocates of email. Emails are rather like a modern day letter and still have a relatively personal feel to them. When email was first introduced in 1993, it was necessary that both the sender and receiver were simultaneously online. With today’s advanced technology, email can be sent to the email server and stored until the message is ready to be accepted by the recipient. The only requirement to send or receive an email is that you log onto a mail server in order to do so.

It is estimated that there are 2.2 billion email users in the world. Approximately 144 billion emails ping back and forth each day. Of this email, in excess of 60% are non-essential. Companies wishing to manage a bulk emailing system need to enlist the help of a specialist provider who has the relevant skills and technical know-how to manage and oversee the whole process. They can advise the optimum email system to use, and find the most cost-effective and ethical way of sending opt-in bulk emails. To find a reputable company, it is a good idea to access one by looking under Bulk Email Services on an online business directory, (such as An email business directory is useful because it contains multiple business listings of companies within a local area as well as sub-categories for a specific category or type of email software or services provider.

Email Encryption Software offers peace of mind and reassurance that private emails remain private. Clients are able to send emails as encrypted messages so that the only person who is able to read them is the recipient with a decryption key. This is done by adding extra software which plugs into existing email client software. Some are provided free whilst other are only available by means of a commercial licence. Companies that encrypt also have an excellent internet security system which prevents spam mail getting through.

In the same way, we all need providers of fuel and heating, well, it’s the same for email and web-users need to choose which Email Internet Providers offer the best or most efficient service for them. The most common providers are Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo and GMX, each promising to provide the optimum service. First time users will need to set up an email account name which is unique to them. Depending on which provider they use, it is possible to sign up for a free email account. Once this has been established, and the password has been set, the new user is sent an activation link to their email account, by accessing this, they are usually up and running in no time at all.

Some corporate companies prefer to switch to Email Outsourcing, finding that it frees up valuable time and allows them to focus their attention on their business objectives. Many companies also find that their emails have a more professional appearance, and there is less chance of them being sent to the wrong person or attachments missing because employees are multi-tasking and forgot to add them on in their haste to send the email. Companies that provide this service save client time, adds value and cuts out the need to procure huge email server farms and employ in-house coding professionals.

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