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The following Economics business directory lists organisations that specialise in economic conferences, economic institutes and think tanks, policy services, money services and taxation and monetary policy advice...
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Overview of the Economics Sectors

In general terms, specialist economics companies help clients’ understand and study monetary prosperity and how to accumulate it as well as the transfer and expenditure of it. The actual word Economics is derived from a Greek word Oikonomia which means ‘management of a household’. Economics can be applied to many different subjects such as business, financial services, health and government but can also relate to specific categories such as crime, education, family, law and religion.

The study of Economics gives meaning to the process and consumption of goods and identifies interaction between consumers and various markets. It also highlights procedures within the Government and explains how and why people and organisations spend money.

Economics can be broken down into two separate fields: Macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics is to do with the interactions of individuals and various industries and the contrast between them, whilst the latter is concentrated towards the study of economic activity within the country as an entity or on a global scale such as the international marketplace. There are many types of economics service providers and events….

Economic Conferences are when representatives from various groups or nations meet at a conference hall or specified building to discuss strategies concerning economics. In particular, they discuss what measures can be put in place to develop world finance and borrowing, or the economic growth of a particular country or organisation. They devise plans to encourage growth of sinking economic states or have to vote on particular issues such as global depression.

On a smaller scale, there are Economic conference boards that implement financial strategies and give unsolicited advice for businesses to encourage growth. They are a non-profitable organisation who concentrate on research relating to the marketplace and work with corporate investment companies who require help with maintaining top-line growth within the economic environment.

Economic Policy Services are consulting companies who provide support to public and private sector clients and can be engaged to help with evaluations of economic growth and manage cost-effective policies and strategies designed to aid company growth, as well as analysing sector-based studies and market research on the public sector and the global economy. They can be sourced online by using a business directory such as, which is an excellent online tool for finding reputable companies, information as well as valuable links to related issues.

Economic Institutes and Think Tanks can help to improve people’s conceptions and increase understanding by dissecting economic and social problems. By addressing poverty within the welfare state, as well as various other departments and offering solutions, both on local and international levels, they can help to address potential problems. They are a specific organisation who research into military, technological, political and social policies, as well as analyse and identify shortfalls by pinpointing the source of many problems. For example, recent figures estimate that the economic growth in China for 2014; is expected to be approximately 7.5 percent (on par with this year), but several optimistic economists think it could be higher if all procedures are put in place and the correct proposals are applied.

Markets and Money Services. The chance to diversify and split assets and funds into different sources is a key objective for many and the chance to invest and pass control to an outside source is an attractive prospect for many companies and organisations. Companies, who offer this service, can aid their clients by offering solutions and their expertise within investments and managing money and can perform the necessary background checks and ensure clients are kept fully informed of any potential risk. They also oversee the whole management process and ensure return levels are maintained at the highest level of interest for their clients.

Taxation and Monetary Policy are put in place by Governments to foster growth as well as prevent slowdowns within an economy. It is highly political and strategic and long term. It is a difficult balancing act to set Government spending without affecting someone in a negative way. Certain policies and stringent guidelines have to be implemented, to reduce the impact and to enforce certain directives within an economy.

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