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The following online business directory lists businesses that provide a range of Content Management services including classifieds, content providers, editorial membership, online games and many more...
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Software Localization, Translation, Editing, Content Management, Transcription, Data Analysis, Interpretation, Copyright, Legal Translation, Desktop Publishing service, Data lineage, Software Testing, digital publishing, lexicography, indexing, language learning, marketing translation, document review, natural language processing, voice over, dubbing, databases, voice recording, subtitling....
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Overview of the Content Management Sectors

Content Management companies specialise in overseeing of a set of procedures that enable the collection, storage, management and publishing of specific information. All stored archives, multimedia files and documents, can be accessed via computers at any time they are required. The main types of content management companies are as follows...

Classified Web Advertising is an online way of ensuring that what you are promoting is seen by as many people as possible. Most online advertising sites such as Gumtree and Craig’s List, tend not to charge for the service they provide, and they are an excellent form of free advertising.

Community Forums are online discussion groups that address certain issues and points. It may be a group to improve a local area or a nationwide parents’ forum that has been formed to help and offer advice to new or expectant mothers and their partners. There is usually a message board that enables people to post comments and reply to certain issues and concerns that have been raised by others within the group. Messages that are posted are usually subject to approval by the moderator. Unfortunately, forum sites do tend to attract negative and rude comments by people who delight in either offending others or stirring up trouble just for the sake of it. Some forums do not require visitors to subscribe or log in so comments may be viewed by anyone on the web.

Education and Reference Online such as Wikipedia, Ask Jeeves and Oxford Reference etc are all sites whereupon web users can instantly access facts and information that would have originally only been accessible from text and reference books in public libraries or book shops. Google is of course an excellent way of accessing anything you need to know, but if it is something specifically related to learning and education such as an online thesaurus, dictionary or encyclopaedia; then it is usually quicker to access Wikipedia or something similar. Wikipedia was co-founded by Jimmy Wales, whose aim was to create and provide an accessible multi-lingual encyclopaedia that could be used by everyone on the planet. Most of the articles on the site have been provided and edited by different people who have all agreed to share their contributions and allow them to be freely reproduced under a specific licence.

For anyone wishing to source latest and happening news from around the globe, then online News and News Feeds are an excellent way of finding out breaking news. Sites such as Reuters, CNN, CBS ABCNews, Google NEWS, MSNBC and are some of the top global news sites and offer extensive coverage to web users, as well as providing an email service which enables users to receive the latest news to their desktop. Companies such as Reuters employ thousands of dedicated and passionate journalists, who seem willing to risk their lives in order to get the first story or photo. During recent years, there has been a spate of journalists killed or held hostage through reporting news from war-torn areas.

There are various companies that provide software and content for Online Auctions such as management of auctions, lots and bids as well as guidance regarding user management, recording and processing of data, management of categories and content management of other relevant information on the site. Anyone wishing to contact a company that creates and provides content for auctions sites can source a reputable one via a business directory such as

In recent years, Online Gaming has taken the internet by storm. Adults and children alike can be seen glued to their smart phone, tablet or laptop, completely engrossed in the latest level of Candy Crush or Angry Birds! It is a multi-billion pound industry, and the program writers or creators of the latest gaming apps or internet games can earn a fortune, retire early and live off the profits of their creation - if they produce one that has a winning formula. Online gaming companies are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and technical and creative writers who can produce new material and ideas.

Price Comparison sites source out products that users put into search engines and then list availability and a comparison of the prices as well as the service each company is offering. The user is then free to choose which option best suits them. Some of the most popular sites are,, and Anyone wishing to purchase insurance online, or is thinking of obtaining a mortgage, a credit card or needs to find the best quote for a gym in their local area, they can find out instantly by accessing one of the price comparison sites.

Web Editorial Providers can be contacted when an individual or company, requires a writer who is able to produce content for their website or business. They need to be familiar with SEO wording, and it is essential that they are able to write in a certain style which encapsulates the business as well as creating unique and engaging copy. The content needs to be clear, concise and capable of generating traffic to websites.

There are many ways in which to advertise and broadcast services and websites through various media, such as social networking like Twitter and Facebook as well as creating links on different sites, which will also direct traffic to the required site. Slogans and straplines that stick in minds are always a good idea as it creates brand recognition and many companies also choose to employ professional bloggers who can produce a daily blog to ensure that the website is fresh and updated on a daily basis to keep existing visitors as well as generating new ones. It is estimated that 75 percent of bloggers are college graduates. Figures show (Nov 2013) that in the US alone, there are almost 42 million blogs.

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