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The following online business directory lists companies that provide a range of Commuter and Public Transportation services including bus, car pools, ferry services, monorails, shuttles, transit lines, and many more...
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We offer cheap and affordable coach hire and minibus hire services in Essex and all over the United Kingdom. Best Coach hire and minibus hire services you can get...
Minibus for hire with 16 seats that caters for all your transportation needs throughout the South East and mainland UK. We offer a range of travel from corporate hire through to that special party night...
Our business offers taxi services in East London, in the areas of Docklands, Canary Wharf, E14, Poplar and Wapping. If you require a minicab in or around these areas please call us today...
The business offers accessible Mini Bus Hire, outings, tours, hire services, with driver only. Please call with your enquiry....
Mini bus hire operates a sixteen seat Mercedes minibus with Driver...
Dave's Taxis transfer you to your final destination in an efficient, safe and timely manner...
We offer local and national taxi services, including air-port and sea-port transfers. Competitive prices offered...

Overview of the Commuter & Public Transportation Sectors

Commuter and Public Transportation businesses provide regular transportation for people to travel to and or from their place of work or for leisure. There are all kinds of Transit Lines providing public and commuter transport and operate on a regular basis.

One popular means of transport which is used regularly by commuters and travellers alike is the Bus. Buses offer regular and revised services. There are different routes throughout each city and passengers and commuters will take the relevant service which stops closest to their starting point. Bus travel can be expensive, particularly if travelling with a large family.

One relatively new method of commuting is to car-share or Carpool as it is more frequently known. It is used primarily by business and career people whereupon they arrange for each designated journey where they will meet. It offers a huge saving on petrol or diesel. Car sharing is also more environmentally friendly and cuts down the congestion of today’s overcrowded roads. As well as commuters using it, carpooling is also used by families as a way of transporting their children to and from school. There are also many agencies and websites who deal directly with carpooling and these can be found by accessing an online business directory.

Many passengers and commuters also use ferries as another means of getting to and from work. It can sometimes be quicker and more cost-effective to travel across a small stretch of water on a daily basis than it can be to attempt to drive around it and have to deal with the stresses of busy roads, traffic jams and the dreaded morning and evening rush-hour traffic. There are different Ferry Companies throughout the UK and Europe, as well as global companies and these can be found by looking under Ferry Services on an online trade directory.

Monorails are types of high-speed trains, which travel onupon a single rail system, which is usually on a high beam or elevated track. They are a fast and efficient means of transportation. Monorails are a much enjoyed mode of transport in Japan and Malaysia.  in fact, the Tokyo Monorail is the busiest monorail line in the world, averaging 127,000 passengers each day.

There are also special train and bus shuttle services which offer a regular short direct route between two locations. Several airports run frequent shuttle services to enable passengers to travel directly to the correct airport terminal after previously travelling to the airport via train, bus, taxi, coach or car.

There is even a channel tunnel shuttle train which transports cars to and from Britain and France. To find out if there is one operating in your area or a place that you are travelling to; all relevant information about Shuttles can be found by looking on an online business directory.

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