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The following directory lists businesses that provide a range of Training products and services including workplace training, distance learning, language schools, sales training, team building and many more...
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We offer intensive driving courses and standard driving lessons. We are ORDIT/Fleet Registered Establishment: With Grade 6/ Grade A Instructors; Offering Training one-to-one basis.
Delivering knowledge to the world with a relentless focus on quality....
Shardha HRD group stands for enduring excellence in activities ranging from business solutions and human resource training to natural wellness solutions.They provides Corporate training, Soft skill training, leadership training and much more....
Praxis42 offer expert Health, Safety and Environment consulting and IOSH Approved eLearning and training nationwide. As experts in their field, they work to ensure businesses are fully trained and compliant...
We provide Microsoft Office, Business Skills, Management and Bespoke training tailored to your business and run in your offices, in hired venues or via online training forums...
The Business offers telecommunications and data networking training services aimed at customers based in the United Kingdom and also Worldwide. The company run public scheduled, instructor-led courses in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, London, Manchester and Preston....
We are a mining training provider. For more info please visit us
Lawyers might have to interact with people with from different countries and so the knowledge of English is mandatory as almost everything knows it.So, we float English lessons for lawyers where we teach the legal terms and terminology.
Life is tough for all of us! Learning key life skills can help you gain control, and therefore have Power Over Life!
Get training and coaching from an expert dating coach. Learn how to become more attractive to women. We offer live training for single men all over Europe with our expert trainers.
Flampro aim to deliver accurate fire safety risk assessments to business and informative, engaging training to employees and staff in the workplace. We are registered with both the IFE and IFSM...
Blackfox is the Premier IPC Training and Certification Insitution. We offer a wide range of soldering classes for workforce development for both operator and instructor level...
Based near Windsor, I offer a business and life coaching service to help you realise your ambitions in the easiest way possible - by playing to your strengths. Give me a call and fulfil your potential today...
Fox IT is a leading consulting company in IT service management specializing in consulting on wide range transformation services of IT consultancy, tools and training...
We deliver support, advice and training to international foodservice and food manufacturing organisations assisting clients in multiple continents to grow their business internationally. Our capabilities help reduce time to market, increase our client's long term profitability...
The International Finance Institute provides high-class investment banking courses and tailored training to individuals worldwide.
We offer counselling, therapy and disability advocacy aimed at customers in the areas of Tyne and Wear. We help customers learn new well being and coping strategies, and social inclusion...
I am a speaker, author and trainer. Supporting those affected by someone else's drinking...
Brilliant Customer Service provides customer service training and courses across the UK and the world with excellent results...
CapKelenn is a company that will help you increase your in-store KPIs by training and coaching you and your employees. Trust Benoit Mahe and his expert team to transform your managers into leaders and motivate your sales...

On The Job Training

Formal business training is an invaluable business process. It can help individuals seeking to return to the workplace, following a redundancy or time off to raise a family. There are many types of business training options to consider. These include off-site seminars, online business training, management training programs, business schools, and home based courses and tutorials. Yet the high cost of providing traditional business training courses usually means new starters end up learning on the job.

By allocating a coach or 'mentor', new employees can ask questions, receive feedback, and learn the practical business skills required to do the role. This free management training is particularly relevant to the needs of the individual and their job objectives. A mentor does not necessarily have to be someone within the organisation, but could be from a long established trusted supplier or customer. Usually a written training plan helps to crystallise employee development. Typically, when someone is expected to work out their notice period, a knowledge handover exercise during the overlap period can help kick-start a new starters knowledge. This involves question and answer meetings and handover of any related materials and electronic data.

Public Training Courses

These types of business education classes cater for a large number of people from different companies. They tend to be organised by certified training organisations, and involve speakers and presentations to a large group. They are the less relevant for individuals as the subject matter may seem generic and bland. Whereas with on-site classroom training, teams come together in a workshop environment with an external trainer, who visits the premises to provide a bespoke training programme. This is the most common form of training, as it means a team does not have to be off-site. As the team all know each other, group cohesiveness and teamwork is inevitable. Sometimes a business centre or local hotel is used by the training company as a means of facilitating the course, which increases overheads accordingly.

Online Distance Learning

Training videos, downloadable manuals, instant chat and email, all blend to facilitate interactive distance learning or e-learning. A remote trainer can offer advice and support via teleconferencing or email. Even before the Internet existed, organisations like the Open University pioneered remote learning, using television lectures and training manuals. Remote training is ideal for individual learning (such as international languages and technical topics). Distance learning is relatively inexpensive and quick compared to traditional classroom instruction. Staff doing e-learning can also miss out sections of training videos or manuals they already know. However, distance learning is not bespoke to the individual, as training packages are designed to cater a mass audience. The online course is likely to include general areas of business operations. The individual will then have to apply their newly acquired knowledge, to their everyday responsibilities.

Government Funded Training

The UK government provides training resources to help small businesses, because the level of employment and economic wealth generated by the sector is immense. The country needs it small firms to remain competitive, better trained and better run to boost exports and employment levels. The main Government subsidised skills and training based grant in England is provided by 'Train to Gain'. This scheme provides subsidised training to help improve business efficiency and increase profits, by helping employees grow in motivation and confidence. The Service offers skills advice on everything from Investors in People, basic skills through to leadership and management training. In Scotland, a similar scheme is operated called 'LearnDirect' and in Northern Ireland, the 'Success through Skills' Programme provides local skills training.

Academic Educational Courses

There are many universities, business schools and vocational colleges that provide the opportunity to study for a business degree or MBA. Job seekers and business managers alike, have more of a broad range of educational opportunities to further their academic achievements, as well as go back to school, to supplement or build upon their knowledge and experiences.

PC-Based Training

There are many computer training software packages available, covering a large range of practical business topics. Some of these 'off the shelf' training packages interact with the vendors website, to enable the trainee to download the latest training materials, case studies, tests, surveys and software updates. Others only provide the manuals, video and exercises to help people self learn from their laptop or computer. Unlike distance learning, there is no human tutor to ask questions. The program simply provides information for the user to read, interpret and learn on their own.

Business Management Training

Lastly, providing business management training can promote strong leadership skills and well rounded managers. Many professional training organisations can create management training to your suit company needs. Managers need to have working knowledge of business strategy, sales and marketing, negotiation with customers or suppliers, customer care, information technology, finance, human resources, legal, project management, procurement, administration and production. To improve skills in these areas, corporate team building exercises expose strengths and weaknesses in team members and the group. Teambuilding exercises also help to develop the younger and less experienced members of the management team.

We hope this brief guide has provided a convenient introduction to the business training opportunities open for your business.

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